On our relationship with stuff

I released this podcast on America’s (and indeed the world's, it now seems) biggest shopping day, Black Friday, so I wanted to use this half hour to examine our relationship with stuff. Why do we want it, how do we relate to it, and do we care about how it’s made?

It seems funny to me that we can go around banging on about how we think climate change is awful, but refuse to acknowledge that our stuff-lust isn't to blame. The alignment of Bleak Friday/ Cyber Monday with the beginnings of COP really brought this to the fore this year.

My guests this week are designer Thomas Thwaites, who has over a million views to date on his TED talk about building a toaster from scratch. We also discuss his forthcoming project, GoatMan, which is as absurd and brilliant as it sounds.

I’ll also be speaking to Professor Agnes Nairn, whose work focuses particularly on the way marketing targets children and young people, and how advertising affects us all.