Everything is Connected

Is it better to be a person with a voice, but nothing to say, or a person with plenty to say, but no voice?

That's what I scrawled semi-legibly in my diary at about 4:00 a.m this morning, as I was lying awake having another actual panic attack over what I could do about the plight of the planet. From the pressures facing the environment, to the problems of intrusive tech and the rise and rise of mindless uberconsumerism (YES I JUST MADE THAT WORD UP YOU'RE WELCOME), there's plenty to lose sleep over, and all of this stuff is connected. All of it. 

We can't talk about the environment without talking about how relentless Western materialism is driving demand for Chinese manufacture and cheap labor through the roof (see Naomi Klein's spectacular This Changes Everything), and we can't talk about materialism without talking about the rise of omnipresent online advertising, and invasive tech that tracks our every move from dawn 'til dusk (I'm looking at you, Foursquare) just to figure out how to sell us more stuff. And we can't talk about consumption of stuff without looking at the demands on natural resources when we're trying to make more and more of the stuff. Which brings us back to the environment. 

In the past year, my own perspective on the world has changed more than I could have ever imagined. The problem now for me is to find a way to talk about the planet, the environment, the way we approach our lives mindfully, morally, and sustainably without those thoughts coming off as preachy or outlandish. It's strange how often I feel like I need to justify or excuse my views on veganism or recycling or materialism, lest I might offend someone or make them feel judged. But I am judging a bit, actually. 

All of this is my way of saying that yes, I've started a blog. Because I have something to say, and a small platform to say it on, so it would be irresponsible for me to sit here in silence. This blog will be about the environment, climate change, overconsumption, the role of advertising, the intrusion of tech into every aspect of our lives, big industry, the state of agriculture, and other things that make me sweat over the future of this planet. It will also be about the wonderful and excellent things people are doing to try and make the future of this world a glorious one. I think we're capable of extraordinary things in the face of extraordinary times. Let's find out.