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This episode of Radio Headspace was released on America’s biggest shopping day, Black Friday, so I wanted to use this half hour to examine our relationship with stuff. Why do we want it, how do we relate to it, and do we care about how it’s made?

My guests this week are designer Thomas Thwaites, who has over a million views to date on his TED talk about building a toaster from scratch. We also discuss his forthcoming project, GoatMan, which is as absurd and brilliant as it sounds.

I’ll be speaking to Professor Agnes Nairn, as well, whose work focuses particularly on the way marketing targets children and young people, and how advertising affects us all.

Today is World Kindness Day and in this episode I wanted to talk about how kindness and gratitude work online. Joining me are neuroscientist Dr. Glenn Fox and former internet troll Jesse Shand, whose story became well known last year after he lost over 300 pounds with the help and encouragement of the very people he was trolling online.

If you enjoy this episode you might like 100 Kinds of Kindness, an episode we made back in March, which explores the effects of kindness and gratitude in the real world.

Sometimes we need a little motivation to get started on our fitness goals, so I wanted to revisit two amazing stories today. First up, we’ve got Rich Roll who, at 39 years old, couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath and is now a celebrated ultramarathon runner. Next, I speak with Diana Nyad swam over 100 miles from Cuba to Florida at 63 years old (it was her fifth attempt).

This week on Radio Headspace, I host our first round table conversation with two incredible guests who I feel very lucky to have on the show.

I’ve been thinking about how and why we talk about depression in the public sphere. This episode, Talking About Talking About It, features comedian, writer and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax who is currently on tour with her Sane New World show and joins us from a studio in London, and Paul Gilmartin, host and creator of the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast, who joins us in our Los Angeles studio.

A quick word of warning: this is a frank and open conversation, and there’s some language that some listeners might find offensive.

This episode is called Shareable, and features some amazing guests including Mark Boyle who you may know as the Moneyless Man, and whose new book, Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi, is out now. It talk to the founders of UK companies Streetbank and Echo, who are changing the way we interact with our local communities. I also speak with Jonathan Soma, co-founder of the Brooklyn Brainery, which takes the idea of sharing knowledge to a new level.